What people are saying about Emerge

“Jake helped me with my son who was struggling with addiction. He met with my son in person, and also had some over-the-phone conversations with him. I truly believe that it was at that point that my son began some kind of transition. My son had two arrests and then he was bailed out from Idaho and sent to Georgia. Jake was involved in finding a place that would be appropriate and worked to keep me informed of all that was happening with the transfer, which gave me peace of mind. He has kept in touch and I let him know how my son is doing and he reassures me that is normal as my son continues to go through the process of recovery. The best part of working with Jake has been his knowledge and patience as there are times when I experience lots of anxiety. Jake is a wonderful person who has a great deal of knowledge and willingness to help others. He not only helps the person with substance disorder, but also the family. That is a person that I feel is overall great for helping families and the person with addiction.”

– – Maria  

“This experience with Jake was amazing. As a mom, teaching my kids to be bold yet in control is a tricky lesson: meekness and power under control. It’s important for me to teach my kids that even when hurt and brokenness can leave stains on their hearts not so easy to scrub off, there can still exist in them courage, power, and possibility unhindered from those experiences. Thank you, Jake for giving them the opportunity for them to discover that.”

– – Eleanor

“When I met Jake, I had spent 10 years addicted to drugs and alcohol. He genuinely cared about the person I was and wanted to help me get sober. I would not have been successful without Jake and his sense of accountability. Jake’s care and willingness to show me a different path and be a friend changed the trajectory of my life.

– – Jamiel 

“Our family worked with Jake LeClair for several months. During that time our family built our relationships with one another, created some bonding, and started to trust each other. Since then we have had better communication and greater conflict resolution. Jake introduced his horses to us and we worked on trust and team-building exercises with them. Jake is a great person to be around. He has lots of positive energy, a good vibe, a non-judgmental stance, and is just an overall friendly and easy going person to be around. We immediately connected with him.

We highly recommend working with Jake.

– – Juliet

“As I have come to know Jake / his life story and his passion for horses, spiritual growth, healing of mind, body and spirit – Emerge with Horses brings you into your wellness with love, respect and grace, about your business.”

– -Fr. Mark McCone Sweet, St. Bartholomew’s Episcopal Church  

“My inability to do anything or have the power to change the situation had me struggling to get out of the pit of quicksand. That day I spent with Jake and Buddy was my breakthrough. Since that day with Jake and Buddy, I have been feeling better motivated, emotionally intact, and happy overall.
– – Alejandro

Passion to Support Mothers

I support mothers who have teen or adult children struggling with addiction.   Does this describe you? It is my deep desire to help with this unique challenge of getting your child sober and helping them STAY SOBER. 

Many parents are desperate because they have tried multiple other strategies, but none have worked to have their loved one STAY SOBER.  If this has been your experience, you need a professional navigator to help guide you and your child to success. 

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