Questionnaire Results

4-6: Moderate Disruption

First of all, thank you for taking the assessment. I know it’s difficult to look at some of those questions but this is your first step toward finding help.

Your child has passed the point of having a casual relationship with alcohol or substances. They’re likely under the influence more often than not. You’ve tried repeatedly to get them help but your efforts are shut down or ignored. Their drinking or drug use has created rifts in your home and between family members, with everyone starting to feel the effects.

Why don’t you register for our free, ongoing virtual support group for families? This support group for mothers meets every week to discuss the troubling aspects of addiction in our children’s lives, encourage one another, and find solutions to the effects of addiction in your home.

Next Step:  Get Involved and Be Supported

It is important to be involved in your or  loved one’s recovery, and to be supported by people who truly understand and are experiencing similar challenges.  Select the support option below that best meets your needs.

Recovery Activation Call

In our Recovery Activation Call, we will create a roadmap to get sober and stay sober. You will uncover what has really been holding your loved one back. You’ll leave with knowledge of how to effectively proceed with helping them get sober and stay sober. The next step is to schedule a call now.

Private Facebook Group

Join our free and private Facebook group: Beyond Addiction: Help Your Son or Daughter Get Sober and Stay Sober where you’ll get valuable information only available to members so you can gain knowledge about how to effectively help your son or daughter get sober and stay sober.

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What our families are saying about us…

“Jake helped me with my son who was struggling with addiction. He met with my son in person, and also had some over the phone conversations with him. I truly believe that it was at that point that my son began some kind of transition. My son had two arrests and then he was bailed out from Idaho and sent to Georgia. Jake was involved in finding a place that would be appropriate and worked to keep me informed of all that was happening with the transfer, which gave me peace of mind. He has kept in touch and I let him know how my son is doing and he reassures me that is normal as my son continues to go through the process of recovery. The best part of working with Jake has been his knowledge and patience as there are times when I experience lots of anxiety. Jake is a wonderful person who has a great deal of knowledge and willingness to help others. He not only helps the person with substance disorder, but also the family. That is a person that I feel is overall great for helping families and the person with addiction.” – Maria