Get Sober and Stay Sober

Family Assessment

(Free) Get Sober and Stay Sober Family Assessment


If your child’s drinking or substance abuse has caused noticeable difficulties and disruption in your home, please consider taking this short assessment. The questionnaire is completely confidential. It may be difficult to look at some of the questions, but it could be your first step toward finding help.

Getting Help and Finding Recovery

Thankfully, treatment for drug addiction and successful recovery is possible. With the right tools and support, your loved one can get sober and stay sober. Whether it’s their first time trying to stop using substances or they’ve been stuck in the relapse cycle for years, we can help.

The Emerge Center for Addiction Recovery’s unique recovery system provides your family and your loved one with a path to recovery that works. We work with your family to outline a Recovery Navigation plan that charts your course back to wellness.

Ready to learn more? Schedule an introductory call today and let us know how we can help.