Jake LeClair

Meet Jake LeClair

Howdy. Thanks for visiting the site. As a Recovery Coach, I help people go from hopeless to hope-filled so they can feel happy and lead a joy-filled life. I do this, in part, with the majestic healing power of horses. My relationship with horses is over 32 years old and dates back to when I fell in love with them at 7 years old.

I have a gift and passion for helping humans reach their potential, especially through horses. I am passionate about working with people who have a desire to improve themselves and their life by working with a life skills coach through equine assisted encounters.

The alchemy I offer is accomplished through the use of key life skills as it applies to developing a working relationship with the horse. My life story has prepared me to be present and capable in my role.

It’s my honor and privilege to partner with each herd member willing to work together in a co-created coaching relationship. I bring thirty-years of experience working with horses and their majestic relationships with people. What can we learn from the horse together?

Meet the Herd

Meet Buddy

Buddy the Horse

He is a 13-year-old retired Thoroughbred racehorse. Standing very tall, he has a gentle yet powerful impact on anyone who comes into his presence.  His personality reflects his own life challenges, his heartfelt honesty, tremendous resiliency, tolerance, and an impressive ability to not take himself too seriously. Buddy helps inform people how they are feeling and is known for helping people become more mindful.

Meet Angel


She is a 15-year-old Appaloosa. Beaming with feminine wisdom, she has a soothing and healing impact on humans. Her gentle approach and ability to teach make her the ideal horse for clients who choose to ride horses in the program. Angel is forgiving and 100% non-judgemental, she simply shares her honest insights to give others the chance to grow. She is affectionately known as “Mama” around the ranch.

Meet Norma Jeane

Norma Jean

She is a 7-year-old mini horse, also around 32″ and 250lbs. As the most recent addition to the herd, she is still training for her role, jumped in with all four feet to the job we have asked her to do and is especially patient and gentle with everyone she meets. Her assertive yet feminine personality offers a lot of insight on effective recovery life skills when she is in the work on the ranch. Meanwhile, she’s also perfect for making offsite visits to local programs and recovery homes.

Meet G-Swift


With his own rock bottom story by his 4th birthday, he is our spiritually gifted herd member. He is a mini-horse at 32″ tall and 250lbs and helps bring out the inner-child in anyone he meets. People seem to relate with his ability to deeply and honestly connect. He is known for sensing when someone is not doing ok to be able to get present and support them unconditionally. When he working, he’s 100% committed but when he’s not he can be found enjoying mealtime and playtime with full vitality.

Addiction Recovery with Horses

With your desire to change and pursue a goal, a relationship with a horse offers the ideal canvas for your personal transformation.

Jake LeClair