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101, 2021

Navigating Uncertainty

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Navigating Uncertainty


Uncertainty is a constant player in addiction recovery. It is something that affects someone from the very beginning of their own recovery, as well as each step they take on their journey. Uncertainty can even be a barrier for people seeking aid for their addiction in the first place, as each person may not be aware of the recovery […]

112, 2020

The Power of a Rite of Passage

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There are a lot of different factors involved in someone’s recovery from addiction. Each day brings new challenges that need to be overcome to stay on a healthy path to sobriety. However, it is this challenge that makes recovery worth the time that one spends in therapy. There is a power in having to pass through a rite of passage […]

111, 2020

So You Relapsed – Now What?

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During recovery from an addiction of any kind, the threat of relapse is always present. While relapse prevention strategies are used to help instill the necessary coping skills during these difficult times, relapse as a whole is still a common occurrence through recovery. It is unfortunate, but relapses happen.  However, when one occurs, it is important to get an idea […]

110, 2020

How the Whole Family Falls Ill when Someone Suffers from Addiction

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Regardless of how someone is attempting to cope with their addictions, or however isolating it may feel, suffering from an addiction affects everyone who comes into contact with the sufferer. No matter how much distance someone tries to put between themselves and others, they will always affect those they love in some way.

Addiction has several obstacles that need to be […]

1509, 2020

Why is Family Restoration Important in Addiction Recovery?

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Suffering from addiction to drugs or alcohol has a massive impact on your life. No matter how isolated you may feel while suffering from addiction, the effects stretch far beyond your own personal experience. Suffering from an addiction affects everyone – family, friends, and even professional peers. Often, the family takes the brunt of this distress without the addict even […]

109, 2020

So You Think Your Kids Don’t Notice Your Drinking?

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It can be a common practice for someone to hide their drinking from their family. The goal may be to keep a spouse from seeing how much someone drinks, but people may also hide their drinking from their children. However, hiding one’s drinking habits rarely goes as planned.

The reality is that people, even children, can always tell when there is […]