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You’ve tried to do this alone.
It hasn’t worked. Bring a Navigator.

Has Drug or Alcohol Addiction Devastated Your Family?

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“Jake helped me with my son who was struggling with addiction. He met with my son in person, and also had some over-the-phone conversations with him. I truly believe that it was at that point that my son began some kind of transition. My son had two arrests and then he was bailed out from Idaho and sent to Georgia. Jake was involved in finding a place that would be appropriate and worked to keep me informed of all that was happening with the transfer, which gave me peace of mind. He has kept in touch and I let him know how my son is doing and he reassures me that is normal as my son continues to go through the process of recovery. The best part of working with Jake has been his knowledge and patience as there are times when I experience lots of anxiety. Jake is a wonderful person who has a great deal of knowledge and willingness to help others. He not only helps the person with substance disorder, but also the family. That is a person that I feel is overall great for helping families and the person with addiction.”

– – Maria  

Helping Your Family Weather the Storms of Substance Abuse

It’s hard to know where to turn when you end up so far off the course you had planned. The ripple effect of alcohol and drug addiction rocks the entire family system. Trying to help the addict or alcoholic in your life while smoothing these rifts and maintaining balance between family members feels impossible at times.

You shouldn’t have to navigate the confusion of addiction solutions on your own. The Emerge Center for Addiction Recovery is here to help you chart the course of recovery that’s right for you and your loved ones. Our Recovery Navigators support your family as you navigate out of the murky waters of drug and alcohol addiction.

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Chart the Course Back to Wellness

The Emerge Center for Addiction Recovery understands that sometimes wellness looks different for each family. We work with you to determine the best course for your loved one as they escape the grip of drugs and alcohol. Your Recovery Navigator is with you every step of the way as you help your loved one out of the murky waters of addiction.

We’ll serve as the touchpoint and help you plot a plan of recovery for your loved one. Whether the goal is reducing use or complete abstinence, The Emerge Center for Addiction Recovery is here to support your family through the recovery process with our three-part path to wellness:


Outline your desired outcome, determine the necessary services, and chart the best course for your loved one and your family.


Bring the solution to your loved one, prepare them for the process, and invite them to join the journey to wellness..


Ongoing contact, accountability, and support for your loved one and your family as you navigate the new world of recovery.

Bringing Focus Back to
the Individual

Too often treatment facilities lose sight of the individuals they exist to help. Recovery Navigator brings the focus back to your loved one and determines the best services for their individual needs. We serve as your family’s shipmate along the way, building a bridge between their struggle and the solution.

Individual control

What People are Saying

“When I met Jake, I had spent 10 years addicted to drugs and alcohol. He genuinely cared about the person I was and wanted to help me get sober. I would not have been successful without Jake and his sense of accountability. Jake’s care and willingness to show me a different path and be a friend change the trajectory of my life.” • Jamiel
“This experience with Jake and Emerge Resilient was amazing. As a mom, teaching my kids to be bold yet in control is a tricky lesson: meekness and power under control. It’s important for me to teach my kids that even when hurt and brokenness can leave stains on their hearts not so easy to scrub off, there can still exist in them courage, power and possibility unhindered from those experiences. Thank you, Jake for giving them the opportunity for them to discover that.” • Eleanor
“As I have come to know Jake / his life story and his passion for horses, spiritual growth, healing of mind, body and spirit – Emerge Resilient brings you into your wellness with love, respect and grace, about your business.” • Fr. Mark McCone Sweet, St. Bartholomew’s Episcopal Church